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We Proudly Present Our Hand-cut Cards!

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Hello collectors and friends,

Kris and I have been busy making hand-cut cards, which feature up-cycled pages from an old book… the obscured text behind each motif provides interest and evokes abstract messages and short tales!

These cards are a throwback to traditional Victorian-silhouette motifs and we are starting out this latest offering with nautical and floral motifs. As Californians we are continually inspired by the seaside and everything related…from watercraft to mermaids.

As for the floral motifs, we have decided to start off with a simple poppy motif, which I modified from an original Victorian tile. The poppy is the official state flower of California (more specifically the yellow to orange colored “Eschscholzia californica” or “California Poppy”) so we are proud to give a nod to our fine state by alluding to it through our chosen imagery.

Here are pictures of all of the card designs currently available  for purchase in our Etsy.com Shoppe

http://www.etsy.com/shop/blackribbonsociety :

(CLICK ON THE THUMBNAILS to access our “Hand-cut Cards” Gallery and view LARGER photos)

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As for the accompanying envelopes:  our bright shades and neutral shades feature 30% recycled content.

See the individual listings for the items  for default envelope colors we have chosen for specific designs/design colors OR you can ALWAYS message us (via an Etsy Conversation or our website’s “Contact” form/page) to request a specific color.

We hope you enjoy viewing and collecting these latest one-of-a-kind (OOAK)  eco-friendly handmade creations!

Thanks, Jesse & Kris

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