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Summer Jewelry Collection Now Available!!! (click Post Title for PICS/more)

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Turquoise Garden Necklace

Nouveau Cuff

Brass Tiger’s Eye Necklace

Fire Agate Ring

Turquoise Garden Ring

The winds of change are blowing and there is some new jewelry riding the current. I have been working on some new designs and thought I would give everyone a sneak peek! These new pieces include some beautiful stones such as Tiger’s Eye, Turquoise & Agate. Each stone was selected for it’s unique beauty and spiritual meaning, then shaped by hand. Turquoise has long been considered the stone of wisdom and spiritual journeys. It is believed that wearing turquoise will allow one’s mind to become one with the universe. Many cultures have adorned themselves with Tiger’s Eye because it brings a sense of self empowerment & self discipline. Wearing Tiger’s Eye is also said to be calming and balancing. Agate is a form of Quartz which has long been revered. Agate brings courage and bravery to anyone who wears it. Agate opens the channels for laughter and eases emotional pain.

All items will be available this weekend at
Art of Framing
3333 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA

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