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New Tee Shirts!!!

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We have added yet another category to the umbrella of Black Ribbon Society- hand screen printed teeshirts! We use only the best t-shirts to print our designs on. Purchased from a manufacturer in Georgia, USA each tee under goes a wash in the manufacturing process in order to bring you the ultimate in softness & comfort. The tees chosen contain recycled polyester, organic cotton and naturally occurring rayon (this means that no new trees or harsh chemicals are used in creating this textile!) and are always free of those annoying tags that we all end up cutting out of our clothes! Admit it, you hate itchy tags! Low-impact dyes are used for all colors. Each shirt is made in factories that also do NOT employ sweatshop practices as well as provide their employees with not just better wages (typical sweatshop labor is typically forced volunteer work.), but medical benefits and housing.

Our first tee shirt graphic is called “Skull Island” and is available in sizes S-L (more sizes from XS to 2XL available upon request.). Printed with red ink on Heather Royal Blue shirts.  To purchase this tee, you can visit the Local Boutique at 7910 Girard Ave #9 La Jolla, Ca 92037 or drop us an email! In order to keep waste to a minimum, all merchandise is made according to each order. Please allow at least one week for all orders.

Price: $40

Skull Island Tee Skull Island Tee Close-up

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