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Mod Jane Bag $136

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Model: Kelly Becker Seattle, WA

The newest addition to the Black Ribbon Society is called Mod Jane. 
Hand-crafted using only reclaimed components including a reclaimed 
herringbone wool blazer, cotton sateen sheeting, wood branch pieces, 
brass wire and copper piping. The silhouette of this bag follows the 
natural shape of the front of the blazer, and features a buttoned 
pocket on the front and back. The front is also decorated with a scrap
of black lace and a hand-embroidered silhouette, inspired by Jane Eyre. 
(side note- if you have not seen this amazing film starring Mia Wasikowsa, 
you MUST watch it!) Inside, the bag is lined with a brown cotton sateen 
fabric salvaged from a vintage pillowcase. In keeping with the philosophy 
of using found, reclaimed and locally-sourced materials, the hardware of 
the Mod Jane bag is made using found branch sections, copper piping and 
bits of brass wire. The wood has been given several coats of clear glaze 
to protect it against moisture and wear.  

Handcrafted in Seattle, WA

Measures: 14”w X 16”h
copper piping, brass wire, solder, reclaimed wool blazer, 
reclaimed cotton pillowcase, thread, salvaged wood, clear glaze medium

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