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Global Ecology Is Our Responsibility

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We at Black Ribbon Society believe that the planet we live on is precious & fragile. We feel it is our, as well as our fellow citizens of Earth, duty to preserve our world for future generations. In all aspects of design & production, we are consistently utilizing eco-responsible & socially responsible materials. We are also always on the hunt for new Earth-friendly products! If it will sit in a landfill for a thousand years, you won’t find it here!
Below is a list of some of the ways, big & small, we contribute to this mission.
-Tee shirts & knit-goods purchased from Alternative Apparel, a company known for their fair-trade practices. Visit AlternativeApparel.com for more info.
-Recycled mailing labels
-Biodegradable plastics used in packaging in place of conventional plastics
-“Save the Bees” campaign- coming Spring 2010!
-CFL lighting
-Clorox Green Works cleaning products
-Packaging we receive is reused
-Canon “Generation Green” printer used for all things digital. For more on Canon’s eco & social work, visit Canon.com/Environment
-Low-Impact dyes & finishes used for fabrics & leather
-Fabrics are chosen from eco-friendly & socially responsible companies. The only polyester we use is recycled polyester!
-Prints & greeting cards printed on recycled & recyclable products
-Bamboo journals sourced from an company that donates a percentage of profits to literacy programs for children
  Will you join us in our efforts to preserve our planet? After all, it is our home. Isn’t it our duty to take care of it?!

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