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Autumn Brings New Leather Goods!

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In continuing the philosophy of function meets style, we would like to introduce some of our newest additions to the leather goods family. We have been busy working like little bees to create some new & truly unique bags and cases that will not only be beautiful to look at, but offer function and protection for all of your gadgety investments. Seems like almost everyone has a netbook or laptop or iPad or fancy camera these days.  And it also seems that there aren’t many options for carrying cases that are even remotely attractive! Why should anyone have to settle for something that looks like a wetsuit? Is it so wrong to have both style & function? Heck no! Black Ribbon Society lets you have your cake AND eat it, plus that cake is just the prettiest ever!

The first tote is fits a 17″ laptop and is 100% leather, offering strength & years of use. This style also features a secure zip closure to prevent rain or spills from wreaking havoc on your electronics.

The second bag is an adjustable saddlebag-style tote. The strap is made to be moved from one side to the other & the belt part allows the wearer to easily lengthen the strap to wear across the body.  On the side you will also find an unassuming zipper pocket which provides separate stowage for private items. The front features a pocket designed the hold any charger/cord away from the device– eliminating the worry of scratches. The beauty also has a mix of hand-dyed leather and water-resistant saddle grade cowhide. Both types of leather are sealed to prevent any unwanted displacement of color.

Both of these hand crafted bags include neoprene padding to absorb the shock from a fall, bump, or any other accident. This also offers even more water protection, should there be any sneaky liquids trying to get a peek at your stuff!

More styles to come!

To all the sweet comments: Thanks guys! We LOVE you!

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